Monday, July 20, 2009

ART SHOW @ ART(that matters)

I'm not sure if it's clear from my site, but I co-own a space in Oyster Bay, NY that looks like a gallery, is a gallery at times...and so much more.  ART(that matters) is a place where artists come together for different events.  Photography classes and workshops are taught here.  Figure drawing occurs here. Guest speakers speak here.  Art and photography critiques take place here. A women's art group meets here and recently showed here.  The woman's group is comprised of 12 members.  All but three are painters.  Over the last 8 months, I've been inspired by these women to paint.  I've never painted before.  I bought a book which provided different lessons and projects.  When I got to the collage exercise, I found my niche.  I love getting my hands dirty, love being completely engrossed in what I'm making.  It's the same feeling I have when I am shooting.  Actually shooting.  Not the post production work of sitting at the computer for hours.  The physical part of the shoot.  Holding the camera in my hands, conversing with my subject, finding the light and most importantly, clicking the shutter.  There's nothing like clicking the shutter and knowing you got the shot.  

Painting is all absorbing like the shoot, but I never get the feeling of getting the shot.  It's an ongoing process for me.  When it feels complete, maybe it is and maybe it's not.  I don't know.  I don't know much about painting at all, other than it feels great to do it.

The Woman's Group planned a show, created a theme and got to work.  I asked Nada Marjanovich, the Editor and Publisher of the Long Island Pulse to curate the show.  Nada and I met last year, when I was selected as a VIP artist in the magazine.  She is the one that travels all over the island to see different artists work.  She has a great eye, is sophisticated and is well versed in the arts.  The theme of the show is squares.  We wanted a way to connect the work and incorporate each artists style into a viable show.  A member came up with the name "Thinking Inside the Box".  

Since Nada knew my work and we know one another, I thought it would be best for the work to be submitted anonymously. Artists could submit any number of pieces for selection.   At least 2 works were selected from each artist.  11 of my works were accepted and 5 sold. 

I can't tell you what it feels like to sell work.  My breast cancer photographs do not sell.  One sold. But in general, they do not sell.  They are not meant to sell.  They are meant to inform, educate, awaken, shock and hopefully make women know their bodies, go for their mammograms, do self breast exams and know their family breast cancer history. This work to me is my life's work.  It is intense, it is important, and I am compelled to do it.  

(More on compulsions in another entry)